Monday, December 14, 2009

I see *pink* ;)

Hehehe ... so it is official - it is going to be a girl ... :) Taupe is going to have a sister to play with, to share her love for anything pink & bling bling ...huhuhuhu ... Oyen is going to have a hard time keeping up with them ... Taupe sorang pun dia dah pening kepala, selalu jer lari kat Baba & Mama mintak tolong ... abislah Oyen ...hikhikhik

Baby is doing fine, but I may not be so fine ... The glucose tolerance test was a bit worrying as the level of sugar in my blood after 2 hours of the test was 7.9 ... Due to that, I would be admitted on the 24th Dec for observation ... suspen wooo ... dah la doktor tu asyik sebut pasal insulin shot lah , itulah , inilah ... uwaaaa ..... Ditambah pulak bila dah abis jumpa doktor, depa kata kena injection lak - ATT shot ( anti-tetanus / anti kancing gigi ) ... sakit woo - inject kat tangan kiri yg sama kena amek darah 3 tiub sebelum tuh ... Rasa kebas / nak cabut tangan - ganti ngan robotic device jer rasanyer ... And I thought that would be the end of the misery ... noooo ... today, I am having a fever due to the shot I guess - uwaaaaa ..... Baby, you better be good to me - I have to endure a lot of pain & misery for you ... :P * reminder - Maklong, once in a while ingatkan budak kecik nih ye so that dia tak lupa diri bila besaq nanti *

Anyway, in the mean time ... do pray for me & may all be blessed with a happy life :)


  1. insyaAllah everything will be ok..
    dont worry k...

    baby girl, boleh geng dengan maklong la nanti kan..

    im sure baby ni besaq nanti dia akan jadi anak yang baik.. tak sabar maklong nak tunggu dia keluar ni... hehe.. skrg ni kalau jalan2 tgk baju baby girl yang cantik2, i feel soooooo excited..

  2. Bukan Oyen je pning nak keep up, Abe Ekhwan skali. Haha.

    Take care madam. Have a lot of rest and do what the doc told you to. :)

  3. Lady : Thank you :) Insyaallah Mak Long
    Riez : Thank you Potter :) Take care too

  4. hello madam...i hope its not too late to congratulate u for knowing your baby's gender. though i guess it wrongly, but im glad that its gonna be a girl...(make her wear pink all the time ya!) hehe..and take care of sure that you and the baby will be just fine, insyaAllah :)

    ps: if u may need a babysitter to babysit her in campus later on, call me...hehe