Thursday, February 9, 2012

Challenges :P

This morning I am truly disturbed .. In class, while teaching COME2, images of Athena's tantrum & cries flashes before my eyes caused me to literally shake my head & re-focus on what I was teaching ..

This is her 2nd week in DBKL's nursery but she still cries .. it started from home, by her not willing to leave the house .. which cause Ekhwan to go in & literally dragged her out ..

As a mother, I am contemplating to take her out from the DBKL's nursery & let her stay with her Kak Nor .. I would rather have a happy daughter than a crying & suffering 'clever' or academically advanced daughter .. because the reason being to send her to DBKL's nursery was that the father was worried that she did not learn anything from Kak Nor's place .. At Kak Nor's place she was happy & healthy because she literally eats, rest, play & watch TV .. But she was happy to go there in the morning - not like now, she is crying her heart out :(

How can I break this news to my husband? This morning he was having one of his 'period' moment where one should not cross his path or doom awaits that person :P ..

Allah, please help me in making the right decision .. Friends, please pray for me as well ..

Monday, August 8, 2011


My fear was confirmed this morning when I confronted Kak Nor ( Athena's babysitter ) .. The wound on her back was caused by Damia ( Athena's peers ) .. She was bitten by Damia in a fight in which Damia's sister cried for help when Athena was bitten by her. The thing is Damia has a history of being bitten herself at the former nursery that causes her parents to move her out from that nursery. It seems like now she is doing it to others :(
I was like a restless goose at the office .. my head keep on thinking how is she doing, is Damia hurting Athena now as we speak .. seing her cry this morning when we left her at Kak Nor's house .. unlike other morning that she would wave & sending kisses to us as we drive away ... if I could, I would go & fetch her now .. to ensure that no harm comes her way ..
Please pray for her .. Hopefully, Damia would learn to behave & stop hurting others .. But if it happens again, I would have a slow talk with the parents .. Either they take out their daughters out of the house or I will sue them .. as simple as that .. I have no time to tolerate nonsense .. especially when my loved ones are concerned. Call me Godzilla, or whatever BUT if you try to harm my loved ones, you will surely get IT from me .. I promise you that ...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mommy Bulldozer :P

I do not know what God has in mind for me in the future but I am thankfull for the strength He has given me to carry all these on my shoulders and the wisdom to keep myself sane & functional all these while ...

I feel like a bulldozer - hence the title .. not just the size of it but all the other aspects of the machinery / vehicle .. I keep on bulldozing the obstacles / pain / misery because I simply do not have the luxury of time to ponder upon it & sob miserably .. I do cry, but hey a few seconds in the shower would do me good - rather than being a time bomb & explode suddenly, right?

So, the question is - what / why / how / where / when / who / which ... too many!!!
Where do I start, oh maybe the fact that I am 5 month & 3/4 pregnant which explains the comparison to the size of the bulldozer .. and I have NOT seen my gynae / doctor who is going to deliver the baby in HUKM yet? .. why? because of moolah / RM / bling bling ..

Next, my office - the people there simply despise me? Too strong a word - well, how would you feel if you are heavily pregnant & you have a baby of 1 yr + - among your English Dept colleague - you are the ONLY one who has 18 contact hours in a week with 340 students, with 2 different subjects that you have to share with other lecturers with one subject that has a FINAL EXAM, you have 3 days in which your class finishes at 7.20 PM then you have to rush fetching your baby from the nursery in a jammed packed AKLEH highway - just to reach home maybe at 9.30 - 10.00 PM THEN the next morning your class starts at 8.30 AM ... ??? That is just the tip of the iceberg ... there is simply lots & lots more ...

Other issues, too soon to talk about maternity leaves but hey, some people simply cannot resist the temptation to bring it up whenever they see my bloating tummy .. Not only I might be marking FINAL EXAM papers for 180 students of mine but I also need to key in their marks into the E-CITIE DURING my maternity leaves ... Yeay .. simply because my ever so wise English Dept colleagues just ignore the fact that I have told them so earlier .. And my MIL simply keep on repeating the super imposing suggestion that I should stay with her at Kota Damansara .. which means all the 4 of us, me, my new born baby, Athena & my hubby should relocate ourselves to her house .. instead of her, one person, solo relocate herself to my house in BTS .. stupendous, isn't it?

Sure wish I have MORE time to bable on but sorry folks, time's up .. see you when I see you.

Adios .. live life :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Up-date? Maybe ...

This post is dedicated to Potter - yg sibuk suruh saye up-date - siap tulis kat wall kat FB lagi ...

Thank you Potter for reminding me to up-date my blog ... One of the reason that I did not up-date is due to the fact that I am 8 & 3/4 months pregnant now ( in which, it comes with unstable emotions ( unexplainable urge to simply whack people in the monorail,lrt,etc ) , cramps almost every night, contractions every now & then + about 1001 other things that you might find too much to handle (TMI) ... I was afraid that my post would sound too negative ( scare those who would want to get pregnant ) and people might accuse me of whining ... so to be on the safe side, I would rather keep my mouth shut :(

But on the positive side, I am looking forward to welcome this little bundle of joy ... in which she/he is due in 35 days or so ... So, pray for me :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Alhamdulillah :)

Today is the 29 th of December 2009 ... I am at the office - nak gi Public Bank jap ; padehal cuti sampai New year :P yelah daripada dtg sorang sorang later, baik lah ikut Husband gi keje sekali ... hehehe

Alhamdulillah, the stay at the hospital was not THAT bad ... Eventhough every 2 hours, a tube of my blood would be taken for the test :( At the end, it was 8 tubes all together ... felt like a 'raisin' - dried & crinkled :P The food was VERY bad ... I have stayed in a few hospitals before this, but this one took the cake ... Horrible ... I can lose weight here easily ... The room was great, love it - felt like I was staying in a hotel hehehe ... but I still cannot sleep at night - I stayed awake till 4.30 a.m, staring at the tv - it was Xmas Eve so they were showing Dr Doolittle 2, Tortured on Star Movies ... At 4.45 a.m, a nurse came into the room to take the thermos for hot water ... 6.00 a.m the breakfast came ... 6.30 a.m the last tube of blood was taken ... and 9.30 a.m my Husband came to visit :) ... I was discharged at 2:00 p.m Yippee ... no diabetes ... :)

Thank you to all those who prayed for me & wishes me well :) Only Allah can re-pay your kindness :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fire Drill ...

Today kat opis ada fire drill ... nasib baik lah dah dgr rumours 2-3 hari lepas + smlm bertembung ngan 'fire warden' Tkt 20 yg kena pi briefing ... hehehe :) So, hari ni tadi from 10:20 a.m dah siap turun dok kat lobby huhuhu ... Sorry lah, makcik tak sanggup nak turun tangga dari Tkt 20 ... mintak mahap ... kang tak pasal pasal budak nih terkuar awal lak kang ...

Tunggu punya tunggu, dlm pukul 11:30 a.m baru depa announce fire drill ... then, bila kumpul kat luar bangunan tu, ada ka patut makcik mengandung ni jugaklah the sole survivor / representative of Tkt 20 ... dgn warden sekali cabut lari lah ... huhuhu kes haru biru tol ... Anyway, hopefully for the next fire drill pon ada org boleh bagi tahu awal awal ... kesian my friend, Yati yg mengandung 7 bulan gak kena turun tangga dari Tkt 9 ... ishk ishk ishk ...

Tomorrow I will be admitted into the ward ... nervous / suspense / cuak semua ada ... Hopefully things would be ok ... Pray for me ... Till then, have a good life :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trip to Melaka - Lina's wedding :)

Last friday we went back to Melaka - it was my cousin's wedding ... Cik Thamby's second daughter ( Lina ) was getting married ... We went back with Along & Sha ... reached Melaka around 8:00 pm ... Mak was waiting for us to have dinner together :) She was excited to see my growing tummy ... with cucu girl on the way huh?

The next day, it was my wedding anniversary ( 5th year ) ... I am so thankful to God for blessing me with 5 wonderful years & many more, Insyaallah :) ... Early in the morning, Along & Sha went to look for breakfast ... it was nasi lemak & soto from Mak's favourite stall ... After that, Along sent Mak & Win to 'Pantai' first ... 'Pantai' is the term we use to refer to Abah's village near the sea ( Kg Baru ) ... Around 11:30 a.m, we went to Pantai too ... the guests have arrived & started eating ... Yupp, as early as 11:30 am for lunch ... It was raining quite heavily ... to add to our misery, there was a live band ... Unfortunately, the band was not that 'entertaining' ... they were playing other songs - not related to wedding at all ... some songs were so inappropriate that left me wondering whether they are actually the bride's worst enemy or something ????? We stayed till 4.00 pm or so ... The food was good, the bride was pretty but the band stays *@%$@!

Later that night, we went back to KL ... on the way back we had satay 'tembusu' at Kajang ... hehehe a late celebration for our anniversary :) There were some bazaar going on there as well, so me & Sha bought ourselves a shawl each heheheh ...

Till then :)