Thursday, February 9, 2012

Challenges :P

This morning I am truly disturbed .. In class, while teaching COME2, images of Athena's tantrum & cries flashes before my eyes caused me to literally shake my head & re-focus on what I was teaching ..

This is her 2nd week in DBKL's nursery but she still cries .. it started from home, by her not willing to leave the house .. which cause Ekhwan to go in & literally dragged her out ..

As a mother, I am contemplating to take her out from the DBKL's nursery & let her stay with her Kak Nor .. I would rather have a happy daughter than a crying & suffering 'clever' or academically advanced daughter .. because the reason being to send her to DBKL's nursery was that the father was worried that she did not learn anything from Kak Nor's place .. At Kak Nor's place she was happy & healthy because she literally eats, rest, play & watch TV .. But she was happy to go there in the morning - not like now, she is crying her heart out :(

How can I break this news to my husband? This morning he was having one of his 'period' moment where one should not cross his path or doom awaits that person :P ..

Allah, please help me in making the right decision .. Friends, please pray for me as well ..

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